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Blue Spices Zanzibar Ltd.

Established 2023, Blue Spices Zanzibar Ltd. aims to grow a powerful brand in spice trade between Zanzibar and the world.

For Farmers and Cooperatives

We are always on the lookout for committed and enthusiastic spice farmers and cooperatives. We are willing to pay good prices for high quality. We do not strive for paternalism but rely on partnership and support at all stages of spice production, from land preparation to harvesting and export.

Please contact us if you want to work with us.

For Buyers

Blue Spices Zanzibar Ltd. is establishing itself as a quality-based supplier. In Unguja as well as in Pemba, we look for high quality spices grown by small and medium farmers and cooperatives. We see organic certification as an important possibility for the future and are going for it. The traditional cultivation methods do not use harmful substances, the transport is monitored, and the absence of hazardous substances is certified by laboratories.

Please contact our offices for more details, prices and delivery options.

About us

Blue Spices Zanzibar Ltd. is not a social enterprise. We believe that doing business should always benefit all parties involved. That is why we buy directly from producers in Zanzibar, which results in a much higher income than usual. In addition, we deliver the high quality that Zanzibar offers at fair prices. This benefits our customers. And finally, we also earn from it. Not as much as would be possible, but still good. And that out of conviction.

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Blue Spices Zanzibar Ltd.
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Blue Spices
c/o Bluefooted Booby Spices UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
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